Jolie Femme Lifestyle is here to open a conversation about how to reduce our foot print on the earth not only through what we wear but in how we live. We will discuss topics including living with less, how to care for what you have, eco beauty, zero waste, plastic free, real food and simple living.

Together we will save money, consume less, produce more and live a healthier more sustainable life. This is a supportive space to inspire others to embrace a life more aligned with their values and the things that matter. 

We will be collaborating with Australian brands to bring you the things and knowledge you need to take steps towards living a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

This journey will be shared in a series of instagram and blog posts as well as videos. We can’t wait to begin!



The Cottage Dress is designed for everyday elegance. Handmade from recycled materials and designed to be worn and loved for generations. 

Locally roasted Clandestino Coffee brewed over the open fire and served in a vintage mug.

I believe in welcoming Monday with a ritual that sets me up for an inspired week. 

The fresh water of the Mary River and remembering that the little things can often be the most beautiful.